Reliable Removalists Melbourne

Moving can be a very stressful affair, especially if you try to do everything on your own. By hiring professional removalists Melbourne offers you can take the pressure out of your move and ensure the job gets done right. There are many competent moving companies to help you shoulder the load of a residential or commercial move. Choosing the right melbourne removalist is the key to a smooth and successful move without complications or delays.

Why You Need Professional Movers

movers melbourneWhether you are changing cities or states, hiring a professional moving company is the way to go. There’s no better way to handle a move than with people who are knowledgeable and experienced in the profession. Professional removalists in Melbourne have the manpower and resources to complete your move in a prompt, safe and responsible manner.

Packing, loading and transporting products safely and securely is a mover’s main responsibility. This requires that relocation experts have knowledge and experience in each of these areas to ensure your items receive optimum protection and care. You also benefit from  quality vehicles for safe transport of your products to their new destination.

Heavy Items

Large, heavy items often present a problem when trying to make a move on your own. Professional moving companies, however, have both the manpower and moving equipment to handle large loads. Utilizing two or four wheel dollies with security straps, movers can lift and transport heavy items such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc. with less risk of damage and harm.


Do you need to pack or unpack? – or does the mover offer that service?

guy-taping-boxMost moving companies offer packing, loading and transporting services from one location to another. For residential moves, this includes such items as furniture, household appliances, lamps, paintings, rugs, office equipment and other personal effects. A good mover will also clear your old area of debris, making it easier for you to complete the final cleanup. Upon arrival at your new destination, the team will safely unload your goods and bring them into your new abode.

Customers are also free to pack their own goods, if they so desire. If you do much of your own packing and wrapping, this would cut back on the expense of materials and labor.

Are there any professional certification/qualifications that Melbourne removalists have?

When hiring a moving company, it’s best to seek reputable, professional firms with ample experience in their field. Look for companies that have membership in the AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association) as membership signifies that the company maintains a high standard in its services, staff and equipment.  Although membership in AFRA is not a requirement, it is a clear indication that your mover takes his work seriously and will recognize the value of a job well done.

Distances between properties

When hiring a mover, make sure the company offers the kind of services you require.  A new or small business may offer only limited services such as moving items within the same city or state. Larger, more experienced firms are more capable of handling longer distances, to include interstate or international travel.

furniture removals melbourneFor long distance moving, it helps if the company has a branch in the city and state where you are going. This provides you with a local office you can contact upon arrival. Your mover should also have adequate resources for long distance moves to include well maintained vehicles and safe drivers to avoid breakdowns and delays.

Common problems associated with moving in Melbourne

Some common problems associated with moving include breakage of property, transport delays, lost items and poor customer service. Many of these problems can be avoided by hiring a responsible moving firm. A good mover will recognize the value of your property and treat it as if it were his own. He will ensure every aspect of the job is handled in a professional and competent manner so that you benefit from a job well done.

What to do if breakages occur?

Accidental breakage can occur even with the best of removalists Melbourne has on offer. For this reason, removalist businesses encourage their customers to insure their valuables at the onset of the move. Most movers offer a variety of insurance packages at reasonable prices to cover repair or replacement costs of items that suffer accidental breakage or are lost during the move.

What if they don’t do the job properly?

If you go with an unqualified or inexperienced moving company, you run the risk of receiving poor or bad service. This may leave you frustrated and angry, but unless they offer some kind of customer satisfaction guarantee, you have little recourse other than never to use their services again. Quality movers strive for customer satisfaction and back their services with written guarantees.

Moving Cost: Is it an hourly rate or for job completion?

Removalists Melbourne generally charge by the hour with flexible options and rates depending on your need. “Man and van hire” is available for smaller moves of limited items within the same city. You pay for the services of a van and one or two helpers on an hourly basis. If you have your own van or truck, you can hire only manual assistance by the hour. Shifting residences or offices may require a moving truck and several helpers which can be contracted by the hour.

What price range should I expect to pay for removalists within the Melbourne area?

Many factors affect the cost of a move to include size of moving vehicle, number of helpers, length of time, date of move and moving distance. Average cost for man and van hire for a weekday move is about $60/hour, with one helper, and $80/hour for two.  A 4T truck with two man team costs around $100 per hour while a 6T truck with the same team may cost $120 per hour, depending on the company you use.

How many quotes should I get?

It’s always good to obtain quotes from at least three companies to get a better idea of prices and services for an upcoming move. By researching your options online, you can easily compare services and costs to get the best deal.

When it comes to moving, quality and trustworthy services should be a priority over cost. It’s only natural to want to save money. However, hiring a low quality company could cost you more long term problems than it’s worth. Reputable Melbourne movers will provide you with competent and reliable services to ensure your move is a success from start to finish.